TheStar: US visa waiver programme for Malaysia? It’s fake, folks

PETALING JAYA: The US embassy in Kuala Lumpur has debunked a fake news article that claims its government has listed Malaysia in its Visa Waiver Programme (VWP).

“The website concerned has all the markers of a fake news site and the article is not true.”

“The State Department has made no recent announcement on the Visa Waiver Programme,” a US embassy spokesperson told The Star on Wednesday (May 1).

Cybersecurity expert LGMS founder CF Fong also said the fake site was hosted on a public shared server.

“There are many other websites running on the same server with it. A credible publisher would not host their website on public shared server,” he said.

Fong also said the fake site also has no background information as to who the owner or the publisher was.

He added that although the site has installed an SSL certificate, it did not guarantee the authenticity of the website’s content.

“A fake website can also install an SSL certificate too,” he said.

An SSL certificate is indicated by a green padlock icon on the web browser and enables encrypted security for online communications.

Full article from The Star News

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