Interview with LGMS TV9 Global: 2018 on Cambridge Analytical

News March 26, 2018

LGMS director, Choong-Fook Fong sharing with Malaysian on TV9 Live about Cambridge Analytical and best practices in using social media.

The Chairman of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg confesses for his mistake and apologized for the hacking issue of millions of the users’ personal information from United States, after 5 days of silence. He had also assured to fix the problem and announced the latest solutions to overcome the issue of rustling of data by third parties. Recently, Cambridge Analytical was charged for providing psychological profile report of 50 million Facebook users through personality prediction application which was created by Dr Aleksandr Kogan.

The application was downloaded by around 270,000 users without awareness that the application also takes up data of their friends. Many people especially Facebook users has questioned the credibility and trust of Mark Zuckerberg following the scandal of the abuse of personal information by Cambridge Analytical. Cambridge Analytical had taken personal information from Facebook illegally, then perform analysis on these data.

The behaviour of the voters who are also the Facebook users were studied through the analysis. Later, false news, videos and blogs were included to influence the voters that they had analysed. The politicians can also identify the voters’ favourite candidate for the election through the analysis of their profile. People always share their personal information unintentionally through their mobile phones, internet and social media.

In order to avoid exposure of personal information, one should always be aware of the permission granted for the access of the applications that are downloaded. Avoid downloading applications that are not necessary. Business analysis had been surrounding us for a while.

As an example, advertisements about a recent searched product will be shown after the search. However, it is difficult to judge whether the analysis is legal as personal information is sometimes uploaded voluntarily especially through social media. Lastly, it is advised for users to be aware of the personal information uploaded on the internet or any social media.


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