TheStar: Security mindset vital against cyberattacks

News March 15, 2018

LGMS: Security mindset vital against cyberattacks

One of the most effective defences against cyberattacks is a security mindset, says cybersecurity consultant Foong Chong Fook.

… in reality, the best defence is a security culture because the tech aspect is supplementary – CF Fong


“Every time companies focus on security, they think about the hardware and software.

“But in reality, the best defence is a security culture because the tech aspect is supplementary,” he said.

Foong said if employees were aware of the dangers of downloading illegal software or visiting questionable websites, the chances of their computers being infected by malware would be much lower.

For instance, instead of attacking a company server directly, many hackers now send spam e-mails containing malware hidden in attachments to employees. If the attachment is opened, it could compromise the whole company network. He also warns that security is not just an IT problem, but a business problem.

“There is a big gap between top and middle management. The top management tends to think security is an unnecessary cost, but middle management realises it’s something that has to be faced every day,” said Foong, who is also the CEO of cyber security firm LGMS.

“Imagine if your communication depends on e-mail or your sales are done through online channels – if any of it goes down, it will cause a lot of damage or losses,” he said.

Foong will be one of three speakers at the Star Empowerment: Cyber Defence and Network Secu­rity seminar, which is supported by the National ICT Association of Malaysia, Pikom. The full-day seminar aims to provide awareness towards cyber defence and network security for IT personnel and will be held from 9am to 5pm on March 15 at the Cyber­torium, Level 2, Menara Star here.

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