TheStar: NotPetya more Potent

News July 8, 2017


NotPetya – Security company Kaspersky Lab said about 2,000 systems worldwide were affected, although local cybersecurity firms claim that NotPetya has yet to hit Malaysia.

C.F. Fong, founder of Malaysian cybersecurity firm LGMS, said that unlike WannaCry which encrypts files on devices, NotPetya locks up the Master File Table, preventing access to the entire hard drive.

“This makes it more potent and dangerous than WannaCry,” he said.

Once their systems are hit, victims cannot access the files and the attackers demand a ransom of US$300 (RM1,290) in Bitcoin to unlock the affected system. International cybersecurity firm FireEye’s head of global media relations Patrick Neighorn pointed out that the malware was smart enough to extract credentials such as usernames and passwords from a machine and use them to infect other computers in the same network.

“It is quite a sophisticated tool,” he said in a telephone interview.

FireEye’s systems have detected attacks in Australia, the United States, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, India, Denmark and Spain, he added. However, he said its global impact has been “overstated”.

“It is quite targeted in Ukraine,” Neighorn said, adding that it was hard to say if the outbreak would escalate to WannaCry’s level, where reportedly more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries were infected.

Local cybersecurity firm Netmarks Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd issued an advisory to all its clients, mainly in the logistics, retail and manufacturing sectors, to keep their Windows operating system as well as their antivirus solutions updated to the latest patch.

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