TheStar: Cambridge International University’s hacked website raises questions

The website of the US-based Cambridge International University getting “hacked” just a day after the university coming under scrutiny has raised eyebrows.

As of press time, the website displays a picture of a skull with the words HACKED in red.

The director of cybersecurity company LGMS, Fong Choong Fook, says that though professional hackers are now more financially driven and would make demands, others might hack a site to make a political statement or to show off their skills.
“It could be a genuine hack or maybe not. But someone would have to make a digital forensic check to see how it was hacked as it would be hard to tell who is behind it and why otherwise,” he says.
Fong says that a properly run university would have its website well secured and configured, unlike Cambridge International University’s where the directory index is exposed.

He notes that it’s also unusual that the website address or URL ends with “.us” and not “.edu” like most websites belonging to educational institutions. The .edu domain lends an educational institution credence as it’s not as easy to obtain as the domain registrar would verify and filter out dubious applicants.