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12 Million Stolen from an Ecuadorean Bank

SWIFT Security Assessment is a global banking messaging system used by thousands of financial institutions over the world to transfer billions of dollars each day. For known cases of attacks, the reason is drilled down to the local security of the financial institution itself. Weak security controls allows hackers to circumvent the bank’s local security systems, gain access to the messaging network and send fraudulent messages to initiate and modify cash transfers.

SWIFT Security Assessment

mission & values, cyber security

LGMS Security Assessment consist of both logical and technical components, based on 2016 SWIFT Recommended guidelines.

Logical Assessment

mission & values, cyber security
  1. Business and IT process review
  2. Physical and Logical Access Control Review
  3. Network Monitoring Process Review
  4. Security Incident Management Process Review

Technical Assessment

mission & values, cyber security
  1. Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  2. Host Configuration Review
  3. Network Device Configuration Review
  4. Network Architecture Review