Sputnik News: Snowden App is ‘Easy’ for Use as Surveillance Device

News December 28, 2017

Snowden App – Interview with Sputnik News

Snowden App – Former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has created a free app for Android which can transform a mobile phone into a security system. Choong- Fook Fong, CEO of LGMS, a professional info security service firm from South Asia, told Sputnik that the app may help keep a watchful eye on intruders, among other things.

Choong-Fook Fong, CEO of LGMS, a professional info security service firm from South Asia, specialized in computer crime investigation, penetration testing and various info security compliance, said that even though Snowden’s app “doesn’t protect us from anything,” it will be able to detect who touched your laptop or things inside your room when you, for example, stay in a hotel.”

“Tt will be an ideal app for you to use, if you are really paranoid about someone touching your belongings when you are out of a hotel.”

When asked whether the app will help protect a PC from hacking, Choong-Fook Fong noted that you should “not take on this app to protect your [internet] security,” which he said should be provided with “strong access control.”

“This app is mainly used to detect changes in the physical environment, which means something like intrusion or illegal access to your belongings,” he pointed out.

Also, Choong-Fook Fong did not rule out that any Android phone with such an app “can be easily used as surveillance device,” which he said will help a user listen to conversations and see what is happening in his room.

The tech website Gizmodo has meanwhile reported that the Snowden app specifically features an accelerometer which can sense the movement of the phone itself.

Additionally, the app contains a light sensor in order to distinguish changes in light and has a monitor to detect whether the phone has been plugged in or unplugged.

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