Sputnik News: Man Charged With Flying Drone Near Heathrow Several Days After Gatwick Chaos

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The alleged incident occurred shortly after London’s second-largest Gatwick Airport fully reopened on December 21 following three days of drone flyover-related chaos which left about 140,000 passengers stranded.

A man has been charged with flying a “small unmanned aircraft without permission of air traffic control”, in an incident that took place near London’s Heathrow Airport on 24 December, British media reported on Sunday.

38-year-old George Rusu from the London Borough of Hillingdon is due to appear at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The charges against Rusu come after flights were grounded for three days from 19 December at Gatwick Airport near London after drones were spotted near runways, disrupting the Christmas plans of 140,000 travellers and grounding more than 1,000 flights.

A Gatwick Airport spokesperson told Sputnik that the airport has already injected “several million pounds to ensure it is equipped to the level provided by the Armed Forces and this was in place within days of the main drone incident on 20 December”

Specialist Warns of Risks of More Rogue Drones

Commenting on the Gatwick incident in an interview with Sputnik, drone enthusiast and CEO of IT security firm LGMS Choong-Fook Fong, for his part, described it as a sign of a “real risk” because “the authorities have no effective measures to take down unidentified drones”.

The incident “exposed the vulnerability that we are still lack of counter measures against rogue drones”, Fong said, suggesting that the worst-case scenarios may include “commercially available aerial drones strapped with explosives and the deployment of the explosives to the airport”.

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