Sputnik News: Facebook User Data Scandal Shows ‘We Are the Product’ – Cybersecurity Firm CEO

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Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and his team utilised user data as a leverage tool and a reward in their business dealings with other companies, NBC reported, citing the company’s documents. Sputnik discussed another scandal involving the social media giant with Fong Choong Fook, CEO of the LGMS Cyber Security firm in Malaysia.

Sputnik: Why has the platform, which portrays itself as a mechanism for freedom of speech in which people can express their different views, become not only a tool of censorship and an instrument of political struggle, but also a tool of suppression of competition between companies?

Fong Choong Fook:  When we are not paying for the product, we *are* the product. Facebook users are voluntarily uploading personal data, preferences, friendship details to Facebook since Day One, this information came in the form of text, images and videos too. But these same users never ever question about who is paying for the bills for storage, hosting and maintenance of Facebook, but somebody has to pay — and not surprisingly, the social media advertisers.

If the 2018 Cambridge Analytica incident has taught us anything, Facebook internal governance processes seemed to be unstructured, inconsistent and may even be perceived as corrupted.

As we can read from various exposures during recent times, it seems like Facebook has clearly deviated from its core beliefs of providing Just a Social Platform as stamped in its pledge during the early days. It has grown to be a giant Data Blackhole and forming its own universe.

When this immense power that is able to churn data into intelligence fall under the hands of the top few, it’s not surprisingly the core beliefs of the corporate [world] is starting to deviate over time…


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