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Security Posture Assessment

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Cyber security threats today are making organizations mindful of the significance of cyber security posture with each passing day. By performing a cyber security posture assessment, you will get a realistic report of the current cyber security issues that cover weaknesses, risks, and loopholes within your organization.

For what reason do you require Cyber Security Posture Assessment?

mission & values, cyber security

The majority of organizations today are very dependent on the Internet to maintain their day to day businesses.


Client data, organization’s intellectual property, proprietary information, and various types of data resources are prime targets for Hackers today.


Any undesirable cyber-attacks on these properties will cause substantial financial losses and harm to an organization’s reputation.


To quantify an organization’s overall cyber security posture, an independent expert appraisal of the present condition is highly recommended.


LGMS Cyber Security Posture Assessment focuses on identifying the organization’s risk management and response capabilities. By performing cyber security posture assessment, you will get a clear perspective of your current cyber security strength and defense effectiveness within the organization.


LGMS Cyber Security Posture Assessment consists of three phases below:

1. Cyber Risk Diagnostic

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Build up a snapshot of an organization’s Cyber risk footprint, to rapidly distinguish and organize the most vulnerable components according to its business criticality, based on management strategies, employee activities, and organization operating procedures.

2. Cyber Risk Management

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Addressing the Cyber risk lifecycle, performing risk identification and assessment, control testing and remediation.

3. Cyber Risk Governance

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Covering the development of Cyber risk program, including strategies and techniques assessment and improvement, and bundle selection and implementation.