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Security Posture Assessment

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LGMS Cyber Security Posture Assessment alludes to a technique that changes and upgrades an association’s risk management capabilities. By performing cyber security posture assessment, a customer association will have a clear perspective of the cyber security status and credible internal cyber security threats can be recognized.


Threats of cyber security issues of data are making associations mindful of the significance of cyber security posture with each passing day. By performing a cyber security posture assessment, you get a reasonable picture of current cyber security issues that assist in perceiving the weaknesses, risks and loopholes in contemporary architecture.


We empower you to lighten the risks of unintentional or deliberate access to your IT assets or system with our administrations of penetration testing and network assessment. With that, the general cyber security framework is enhanced, and the possibility of new threats assaulting your system is eliminated.

Cyber Risk Diagnostic

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Build up a snapshot of an organisation’s Cyber risk footprint to rapidly distinguish and organise the most hazardous components in their Cyber footprint, including employee activities, strategies and procedures.

Cyber Risk Management

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Deal with the Cyber risk lifecycle including risk identification and assessment, and control testing and remediation.

Cyber Risk Governance

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Deal with the Cyber risk program, including strategies and techniques assessment and improvement, and bundle selection and implementation.

For what reason do you require Cyber Security Posture Assessment?

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A majority of associations are very subject to the Internet and networks to maintain their day by day business.


In any case, an association is unaware of the cyber security issues that may result in an attack. Client data, the association’s private and secret information, intellectual property, and data resources may spill out to the public, subsequently bringing about substantial financial losses and harm to the association’s reputation.


To quantify the association’s overall cyber security development, an independent expert appraisal of the present condition of its data security condition is conducted against global standards and leading industry practices. It is trailed by remediation of the apparent gaps and the development of a guide for change.