Scammers Could Use Private Data Harvested by Tech Giants for Phishing: Interview with Radio Sputnik

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LGMS Cybersecurity Expert: “GDPR is a good step ahead” on Private Data (Personal Data)

Sputnik has discussed Tim Cook’s statements on private data with Kenneth Shak, a senior cybersecurity consultant at LGMS, a professional info security service firm from South Asia.

“if you remember Instagram and Facebook, there was a time when you could not actually download your own data. So, because of GDPR, you can actually download your own data from your own account.

So, that is very good. Also users should have the rights to opt in or opt out at any time they want and also to be forgotten. I mean, companies don’t own this data, the people do. So, I am all for GDPR, just that it should be refined even more.” Kenneth Shak comments on social media changes after GDPR enforced for private data protection.

The full transcript of the interview available here: Sputnik News Article

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