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For over a decade, LGMS has been providing impartial and professional cyber security services to numerous clients. From specialised penetration testing to security standards auditing and implementation, LGMS strives to provide the best to our clients, whatever the engagement may be. LGMS

Penetration Testing

In-depth penetration testing on systems and applications by professionals
Professional web application penetration testing
Mobile application penetration testing on all major supported smart phone brands
Professional source code review conducted by cyber security experts
Wireless network security assessment
CREST standard penetration testing by CREST Registered Testers
SWIFT Security Assessments


PCI DSS Consultancy provided by accredited PCI QSA and ASV, first and only in Malaysia
PCI DSS ASV scanning conducted by the only PCI ASV in Malaysia
ISO 27001 consultancy by trained and accredited experts with more than decades of experience in the field
Cyber Security Governance & Compliance Consultancy
Security Posture Assessment


Digital forensics and cyber crime investigation services
Got Hacked?

Security Training

LGMS provides professional Security Training for security certifications