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  • Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.
  • Clear, perfectly in tuned

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LGMS is a pure Penetration Testing (Pen test) service firm. Many of our client do not see us as just ‘Penetration Testing’, but instead, as their Trusted Security Advisory. As a cyber security service consulting firm, we do not sell any hardware and software products.


This is a critical differentiation between LGMS and the rest.


Since we do not sell any security products, LGMS penetration testing approach is always highly regarded as objective and neutral. This is also the main reason why do our client trust us when it comes to penetration testing and security advisory.

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Objectivity Counts


Why is it important to engage a penetration testing firm that do not any sell security products?


It’s simple. We don’t find problems on your network so that we can sell you any security solutions. We identify vulnerabilities to help you stay ahead of the malicious hackers.


Our penetration testing services reveal real vulnerabilities that matters to your environment. Ultimately LGMS will provide advisory and guidance to help your business to become more secure.

CREST Certified Company

First Malaysian company to be certified by CREST UK in performing Specialized Penetration Testing

Our professional service team has carried out hundreds of security tests for clients. On the whole, our clients including international banks, on-line retailers, government agencies, and key public bodies using the methods and tools of a potential hacker.

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Penetration Testing by specialists to gain insight over what vulnerabilities exist on your systems

Real Penetration Test (Pen Test)

LGMS penetration testing services focus on real cyber security and compliance problems. If our penetration testing service uncovers a vulnerability, then we drill down for more information. Consequently, we make sure we understand your business and your operational environment. So that when we find irregularities we know whether or not they matter to you.


While it may be vaguely interesting to report that “Port 139 on James’s Laptop is open” after running automated penetration testing tools on the internal network, how does that help anyone?


Penetration testing effort should not entirely based on automated tools. LGMS methodologies will be based on a hybrid business plus technical modelling approach.  Vulnerabilities that matters to you will get prioritized and reported.


Unlike typical penetration testing approach, we do not  just confined to standard methodologies like Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OWASP), OSSTMM, NIST’s.


With more than a decades of real life experience in incident response and computer crime investigation, you can be certain that LGMS penetration testing methodologies always exceed real life business challenges and getting you every bit of information that really matters.

Cost Effective

We understand that some people just want penetration testing because a regulator is making them do it. There is nothing wrong with that. In our own niche, we’ll tell you right now that the price for our penetration testing services is comfortably smack dab in the middle. But our Objectivity? Our Analysis? Our Quality? Incomparable. And that’s going to save you real money in time.

Backed by Solid Track Records

Over the year, LGMS specialized penetration testing has become an integral part of the change management process for many financial institutions in the region. Our penetration testing engineers regularly work together with major financial and government institutions to ensure that their servers and network devices are secured, in order to minimize potential risks exposure and identify vulnerabilities in pro-active manner. Our penetration test methodology has become a guiding principles for our client in building a more secure and robust infrastructure.