PCI DSS ASV Scanning

What is PCI DSS ASV Scanning?

A Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Approved Scanning Vendor Scan (PCI DSS ASV Scanning) is a mandated vulnerability scanning required to be conducted by banks, merchants, and payment card-related service providers.

Why Conduct
PCI DSS ASV Scanning?

All companies that process and store client’s payment card transaction details are required to maintain their network security by the detailed specifications stated under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Failure to demonstrate compliance can result in severe restrictions being placed on merchants by the card issuers, including the ultimate sanction of withdrawal of card authorization facilities.

The table below is the overview of merchant validation requirement that requires PCI DSS ASV scanning:


  • Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

    LGMS is one of the selected groups of approved scanning vendors (ASV) certified by the PCI to carry out vulnerability assessment scans on the merchants’ network to identify any critical vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing to prove the integrity of the corporate IT infrastructure. LGMS will conduct the necessary assessment, highlight any weaknesses, and work with organizations to address non-compliant systems to achieve compliance with the PCI DSS.

  • LGMS offers a comprehensive support service around the vulnerability scanning that ensures the client fully understands the findings and associated implications within the context of the report. Thus, in addition to the automated scans that the client may request at any time, LGMS will manually oversee the execution of each quarterly scan and manage the findings in the report to verify the scan result for any false positives. Moreover, experienced LGMS analysts are available on a business-hours basis to support any queries and provide assistance on the scan results.

  • Display “PCI DSS ” logo on your website to boost your users’ confidence in you.


Fully Managed Service

No installation, configuration, or maintenance required.


The PCI DSS ASV scanning service is carried out by our very own PCI Experts, with our scanning solutions.

One-to-One Support

Manual verification of your scan results – removal of false positives to assist you in maintaining PCI compliance.


PCI DSS ASV Scanning service is available on-demand or as a quarterly managed service.

Need More Information?

For more information about PCI DSS, please visit the payment card security standard council .

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