LGMS bags ‘The Most Innovative Partners’ Award at Alibaba Cloud SEA Partner Day 2022

News January 28, 2022
Most Innovative Partner Award
Alibaba Cloud SEA Partner Day 2022

LGMS has received astounding news from Alibaba Cloud as they have recognized LGMS to be one of the most innovative global partners in 2021. The announcement was made in conjunction with Alibaba Cloud SEA Partner Day on 20 January 2022. 

About Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN)

To date, Alibaba Cloud has established over 10,000 global partnerships worldwide and has since provided valuable and up-to-date support to all partners through a partner platform called Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN). “​​ACPN’s mission is to provide our partners a great journey with Alibaba Cloud. The key objective of ACPN is to ensure that customers can be served and supported by Alibaba Cloud Certificated partners,” said Selina Yuan, GM of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, during her opening speech.

About LGMS’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud

In January 2021, Alibaba Cloud and LGMS have signed a global partnership to assist merchants and enterprises in enhancing their cyber security capabilities in a multi-cloud environment, effectively ensuring the security of both private and public clouds.

“We are honored to be recognized for our commitment towards providing a secured payment environment to global businesses. We would also like to express our gratitude to Alibaba Cloud for putting trust in LGMS, and choosing us as their regional partner to provide PCI DSS professional services. This award has brought us excitement and it is indeed a morale booster for the team, as this reassures us that we are on the right track,” said Mr. Fong Choong Fook, Chief Executive Officer of LGMS.

“The financial loss caused by cyber security incidents urges businesses to strengthen their payment environment. With just a few clicks, Alibaba Cloud can provide companies across the Asia Pacific region with easy-to-use assessment services and globally-authorized PCI DSS certification, for more companies to protect their customers’ payment information,” Mr. Fong added.

As LGMS integrates with Alibaba Cloud’s Marketplace, Alibaba Cloud customers have gained access to LGMS’s one-stop service to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS is a global standard for organizations to comply with whenever they accept, store and process payment card data. By going through LGMS’s evaluation process, businesses will be able to identify and rectify their potential cyber security loopholes, to ensure the payments are secure and will help to reduce unnecessary losses. 

As assisted by LGMS, clients of Alibaba Cloud only need to go through three simple steps to comply with PCI DSS – Firstly, to identify potential system risks via self-assessment. Secondly, to detect system vulnerabilities via penetration testing to improve security capabilities to fulfill the required PCI DSS conditions, after which they will finally obtain an attestation from LGMS. Undergoing this process provides businesses with a comprehensive and professional health checkup, which helps to save time by reducing time spent researching the compliance requirements relevant to their businesses.

About LGMS
The leading cybersecurity expert in Asia trusted by multinational corporations around the world. LGMS is a cybersecurity consulting company focused on delivering specialized cybersecurity assessments, consultations, and advisory services.  Established in 2005, LGMS has since built a reputation for its integrity, values, and best practices by providing world-class professional services to local, regional, and international clients across various industries and backgrounds. Visit www.lgms.global for more information.

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