Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The Dawn of Mobile Application

A Mobile application is an application that runs on mobile devices. It has become a dominant and popular business tool today. Corporates are empowering mobile devices by offering more and more services on mobile and handheld devices. Unfortunately, mobile devices like notebook computers, PDAs, Pocket PCs, smartphones, and BlackBerrys are all attractive targets for malicious attackers. By accessing your corporate network via email, VPNs, and other means of remote access, a successful compromise can result in the exposure of Personally Identifiable Information, corporate secrets, customer data, and additional sensitive information.

Detailed mobile application penetration testing has become a MUST for any organization who wishes to deploy mobile apps, whether internally or externally.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

LGMS Mobile Application Penetration Testing lab has the latest mobile application testing toolkit that supports all major mobile phone brands on the planet.

Extensive Experience

Having extensive experience in mobile application security testing, we will assess your mobile application and uncover potential vulnerabilities for you. The penetration testing and security assessment will span across the complete ISO OSI 7 layers, in specific, we will be running our penetration testing on your application, starting from the Application layer down to the Data Link Layer.


LGMS will make use of a focused and proven methodology, built on frameworks such as OWASP, to identify security flaws present within your application environment. We assess the architecture and configuration of the mobile hosting environment, evaluate both legitimate and illegitimate points of access, and enumerate any potential security vulnerabilities or departures from best practice. LGMS will then conduct extensive examinations of the hosting environment from a remote perspective.

Through our reporting, we provide a detailed overview of the security vulnerabilities present and then recommend the best methods to secure the environment based on your unique internal business requirements and industry best practices.

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