Malaysia election: Politicians claim phones hacked

malaysia election

-PHOTO: REUTERS. In Malaysia election, candidates and party leaders claimed to have received many calls from unknown numbers appearing like automated calls from overseas.

In Malaysia election, Malaysian politicians on Wednesday (May 9) say their mobile phones have been hacked and are being spammed by calls allegedly originating from the United States.

“BN leaders’ handphones have been under technical attack since morning,” said Barisan Nasional (BN) Strategic Communications director Datuk Seri Rahman Dahlan.

“Calls from overseas keep coming in every few seconds! To prevent us from communicating with our machinery,” tweeted the Sepanggar parliamentary candidate.

Separately, BN has also claimed that its website has been hacked on polling day. On its Twitter account, Barisan said its official website,, could not be accessed.

IT security services company LGMS founder C.F. Fong said the website owner could easily check whether the site was hacked or overloaded by looking at its own server logs.

“The website or server owners will have all the details to be able to tell if they are really being hacked, or their site is just simply unable to cope with the Internet requests,” he told The Star on Wednesday.

Fong urged Internet users not to speculate on whether the website was hacked, adding that if it was was under attack, there would be “logs and traces” of the incident.

Reuters news agency reported in April that automated accounts known as bots were flooding Twitter with tens of thousands of pro-government and anti-opposition messages, just weeks before the general election.

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