Malaymail: Hang on to your devices – Tech experts in Malaysia weigh in on Huawei, Google debacle

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Malaysian Huawei owners should hold on to their devices despite the recent news that Google has cut off its Android services with the China-based company, said tech experts.

Despite the departure of the Android Operating System (OS) from Huawei amid a growing trade war between the US and China, tech experts believe the company can design and implement their own OS.

“I would not worry too much about Google pulling out of Huawei, because if you look at the size of the company, designing their own operating system is nothing difficult and furthermore I believe they have developed their own operating system,’’ said Cybersecurity company LGMS director Fong Choong Fook.

Fong added that Huawei’s overall experience and expertise could see the company create its own ecosystem for its devices and not be reliant on the Android OS.

However, Fong explained that the challenge now is to convince Huawei’s sizable consumer base to remain with their brand amid claims that it has ties with China’s intelligence community and is conducting data mining on its consumers.

“Now the biggest challenge is how to push these OS to assist users and another challenge is whether existing Huawei users want to transform from current Android OS to the Huawei OS.

“Security is always a debatable topic. Some researchers claim that Huawei phones contain backdoor services that report back to Huawei or China but same goes for Google because we do not know whether they have the same software.

“Basically, it is a matter of trust… whether the consumers have the confidence and in this case, confidence in Huawei,’’ he said.


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