LGMS News: IT Expert Advise Caution


LGMS News – PETALING JAYA: IT security services company LGMS founder CF Fong has advised users to exercise caution when accessing Malaysian websites.

“If a website that you often visit is missing the SSL certificate on it’s page, do avoid accessing it,” he said.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that ensures data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. This is usually represented with a “lock” symbol on the address bar.

The domain registrar MyNic Bhd seems to have been hit by a technical glitch, causing the Domain Name System (DNS) servers responsible for “.my” domain names to have gone offline so many Malaysian websites have become inaccessible.

Furthermore, Fong added that the DNS is a critical element to the Internet, and explained that a “poisoned” DNS top level domain can cause many serious repercussions.

“The worst case scenario is hackers masquerading as legitimate web sites to steer people to their own malicious site. You might think you’re logging into your e-banking website, but you are actually logging into the hackers owner website because your computer DNS entries were poisoned,” said Fong.

Meanwhile, CyberSecurity Malaysia senior vice president for cyber security responsive services Dr Aswami Ariffin said it is important to conduct a root cause analysis to understand what really happened.

“Since they are working to resolve the matter, it is advisable to wait until further notice,” he said.

MyNic comes under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and is regulated by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Full article from The Star News


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