How Can You Use Tech To Secure Your Home?

With the advancements of technology, Home Security can be much easier to handle with more tighter security. Cybersecurity Expert LGMS CEO Mr. Fong Choong Fook gave some key pieces of advice on home security during the interview with BFM. As the hacker is getting more sophisticated, he advises us to not overlook the security of your WIFI and always make sure our software is updated.



Question from BFM include:

  1. Which area of the home can be secure with tech.
  2. What is the biggest mistake and what is the most misconceotion thing, when talk about home security.
  3. What is the most overlooked in aspect of the home in term of tech base security.
  4. What kind of application that people are still using will jeopardize security.
Full audio podcast from: BFM
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