Google+ Data Breach: Interview with Radio Sputnik

News October 15, 2018

LGMS Cybersecurity Expert: “Google is walking on razor’s edge” on recent Google+ data breach

LGMS Associate Director, Mr. Fow Chee Kang shared on SPUTNIK regarding Google’s failure to disclose the Google+ data breach and it’s plans to shut down the consumer version of Google+.

Google has said that it plans to shut down its social network Google Plus after discovering massive security vulnerability. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the network’s users have had personal data exposed since 2015. The app reportedly got access to full names, email addresses, birth dates, gender, profile photos, occupation and other info. The amount of users who could be affected is estimated at nearly half a million. Following the report, Google said it will close Google Plus in the next 10 months.

Mr. Fow Chee Kang says data breach damages a company’s reputation and revenue. He believes that there are still many companies and apps out there with back-ends which are not secure or still having loop holes, but were not disclosed. He suggests that companies should prioritise security as an important aspect of operations and invest in it to make sure company assets are sufficiently protected.

The full transcript of the interview available here: Sputnik News Article


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