Cheaper & faster internet comes at a price

cheaper & faster internet

CEO of cybersecurity firm, CF Fong said Malaysians were “paying a premium price” for internet speed that was still one of the slowest in the region. Internet speeds were better in Thailand and Vietnam and at lower rates. Communications and Multimedia Minister are proposing to have a Communications cheaper & faster internet in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s main internet service provider is Telekom Malaysia, which offers Streamyx ADSL services at RM110-RM160 a month for speeds of 1Mbps-8Mbps and Unifi fibre-optic broadband services at RM129 a month for 10Mbps and RM179 for 30Mbps.

Fong questioned the lack of an open market and said competition would be good for customers. “The number of ISPs we have are limited, compared to them. This also goes back to how many licences were issued by the authorities previously. If more ISPs come in, consumers will have better options and better value,” he said.

Fong said ISPs would still make good money even by slashing their profits, but pushing them to lower their prices might not be easy.

“It’s really about ‘forcing’ them to offer a discount; the key is to encourage more ISPs to come into the market. MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission)needs to take this initiative and make the existing ISPs come out from their comfort zone,” he said.

In the short term solution, ISPs could give discounts and more value while for a long-term solution, foreign competition could be encouraged and achieve cheaper & faster internet. “Without competition, consumers are forever on the losing end,” he said.

Last week, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said he would work towards achieving broadband connections that were “double the speed, half the price” because of public complaints about the quality of broadband services, which he said was far inferior to developed countries.

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