Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of securing networks, devices, and programs from various cyber-based attacks and threats. Cyber threats are an evolving danger to organizations, employees, and consumers. These threats include gaining unauthorized access, modifying, or destroying sensitive information.

Today, anyone can be potential targets of a cyber-attack, and the implementation of effective cyber security measures are especially challenging because attackers are growing to be more sophisticated. Other than establishing security defenses in various aspects of the organization, security awareness should be ingrained into people via regular awareness training.

Why Cyber Security Testing Services?

Cyber security is an umbrella term that includes different types of protection. The different kinds of security include but are not limited to:

Application Security

The focus is on ensuring that the software and devices are free from threats.

Website Security

The focus is to protect websites from cyber security risk and attack.

Operational Security

Involves the decisions and processes for handling and protecting data assets.

Information security

Maintain integrity and privacy of information, both in storage and in transit.

Endpoint Security

Enables organizations to protect their servers, workstations, and mobile devices from remote and local cyber-attacks.

Internet (IT) security

Prevents Internet attacks targeted at browsers, network, operating systems, and other applications

Network Security

The practice of securing network infrastructure from unauthorized access and any other modification that will render the network infrastructure useless.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Defines how organization reacts to cyber security incident or other similar events that result in data losses and operation breakdown.

LGMS Cyber Security Testing Services

As an industrial leader, LGMS has a long-standing reputation in providing world-class professional services to clients from various industries. We specialize in various Information Security consulting services such as enterprise security assessment, penetration testing, digital forensic investigations, information security management systems implementation and certification, as well as security training.

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