Cyber Security Visibility: Sniff out vulnerability before hackers do!

News August 26, 2021

Hackers working 24/7, 7 days a week.  

Automated hacking software is dominating the major hacking activities today. Unfortunately, it worsens now that Hackers do not distinguish their targets anymore. We are just a domain name or an IP address whether we are a large financial institution or a small non-profit charity organization

Detect before Hacker take action

Being proactively knowing our own Cyber Security Posture has become even more critical today. It is just as important and needed as we have to know our body health status. For this purpose, the organisation should conduct a Vulnerability Assessment regularly to understand the system’s loopholes before hackers do!

The cyber space is just like the time that we are now living in. For instance, we cannot assume that we are wearing masks and won’t contact COVID-19. The same goes with Cyber Attacks; no matter how many layers of protection we apply to our businesses, the Hackers will never stop attacking us and find all possibilities to exploit any weaknesses we may have. Therefore, detect the vulnerability before hackers take action by conducting cyber security assessments.

Cybersecurity is a global issue; Not confined to any geographical restrictions.

The safest place today without Hackers are the places that do not use computers and networks.

Have you ever heard the common misconceptions from the mass?

  • “Hackers won’t be interested in me; we are not doing business online.”
  • “We do not store customer data.”
  • “We have already installed an Antivirus on our computers.”

In fact, if we are using e-mail online, we are exposing ourselves to cyber-attacks already.


What is the outlook of CyberSpace in the next 5 to 10 years?

As you can see, Digital transformation is happening rapidly around us. The usage of infrastructures like healthcare, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, education, etc., are digitized and becoming even more interconnected. Many of these infrastructures have connections extended from the traditional silo-based setup and converging into the open Internet to fulfill today’s business needs.

In the next 5 to 10 years, we will expect our world to be fully surrounded by IoT devices and internet-enabled equipment. Our daily lives will become much more dependent on these devices. Hence, We will be living in a house with smart home appliances such as Internet-connected TV, Internet-connected refrigerator, CCTV systems, smart door locks, and many more.

Smart city and the Digital Transform

Our lifestyles are being Digitized phase by phase while our privacy is eroding slowly in the void. However, Cyber Security is more than just data privacy. Even until now, we would never think Cyber Attacks can be Fatal.

Let’s imagine when Hackers attack a hospital, steal sensitive medical data, and manipulate the patient’s data, e.g. randomly changing the blood type of patients from one type to another. Thus, the consequence of a simple cyber-attack and data manipulation can be disastrous and fatal. Moreover, while we are driving on our Internet / 5G connected cars, Hackers hack into the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of our car; they can easily take control of our accelerator and brakes. In short, these are all possible scenarios; how are we going to prepare ourselves against these malicious Hackers?

Eventually, We need to realize that cybersecurity is no longer a proprietary subject amongst financial institutions. As long as we are online, we are a target, we are vulnerable. If we are a business entity, we need to face an infinite number of unforgiving Cyber Attacks regardless of our size.

With this in mind, the key to Cyber space survival is “Visibility,” we need to know how secure or vulnerable we are and what do hackers know about us? Are we emitting too much unnecessary information to the outside world? Hence, LGMS is here to address this demand for “Visibility.” We proactively perform cyber security scanning and penetration testing for our client applications, servers, and infrastructure to establish clear visibility and understand our client assets.


Difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is most likely a health check; the vulnerability assessment can apply to applications, servers, network devices, etc. The assessment’s objective is to identify the weaknesses that exist on the subject for evaluation. After that, we can then provide the recommendation and solutions to solve the shortcomings and flaws.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing will exploit the test subjects by using all possible ways to take advantage of the vulnerabilities detected during a vulnerability assessment. These include infiltrating the systems, downloading sensitive data, etc. Penetration Testing provides the most realistic simulation for organizations

In conclusion, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are helping us to establish clear visibility of our cyber security posture. Above all, conduct assessments that provide clearer visibility to defend better and enhance the protection of our digital assets. Furthermore, we should start asking ourselves too: how secure are our partners and suppliers? Because our suppliers are compromised or hacked, we will be affected too. So we are also providing a pro-active Cyber Security Risk Rating assessment, monitoring and alert services for our client, using easy to understand grading standards, from A to F, we can let you know how secure is your own company digital exposure and even your partner/suppliers’


1) “Visibility” – be proactive to know your current cybersecurity posture, perform vulnerability assessment, penetration testing on your business infrastructure

2) “Visibility” – Know your 3rd party risks, monitor their cybersecurity risks rating, get alerted when your 3rd parties cyber security risk scores change

In conclusion, Perform Health Check on your business infrastructure and digital assets before the bad guys do it for you!

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