Cyber Security in Internet Addiction

News March 24, 2022

CEO of LGMS, Mr.Fong Choong Fook was invited by BFM to share his thoughts about ‘Internet Addiction’ from the standpoint of cyber security.

According to a statement published by the Communications and Multimedia Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, younger people, especially children who have internet addiction or are browsing with minimal parental control will be more vulnerable to cyber risks. The report highlighted that parents should tighten their parental surveillance and device security to avoid these internet misuses.

This statement was backed by the ‘Cybersecurity Awareness Benchmark Study 2021-2022’, which highlighted the online risk associated with inappropriate content and online transactions.

A 2020-2021 survey done by the ‘Google Trust Research Team’ showed that 36% of Malaysian parents had their children targeted for online scams. Due to this, children have had their accounts hijacked and were forced to disclose sensitive information to these hackers.

Studies have also shown that companies are making their websites look more visually pleasing to increase visitors’ time spent on the website.

Internet addiction leads to potential cybersecurity risks.

According to the CEO of LGMS, Mr. Fong Choong Fook, internet addiction will increase one’s exposure to the online world. This will potentially lead to a lot of cyber-related issues, especially social issues that resulted from spending too much time online, such as online gambling, online gaming, cyberbullying, and even cyber grooming. He also stated that this phenomenon has become more prevalent due to people needing to rely on the internet more.

Mr. Fong expressed that this has become a severe issue worldwide involving children. These issues include but are not limited to children oversharing personal details online to strangers, and viewing inappropriate contents that are just one URL or few keywords away from them.

Mr. Fong believes that anyone could be a victim of these cybersecurity issues as our personal information can be obtained through the dark web.

Suggestions from Mr. Fong to help keep children safe on the internet are:

  • Parents need to familiarize themselves and be aware of the content their children are being exposed to (applications they use, the websites they visit, the people they talk to online, and/or their screen time).
  • Parents can install parental control applications that can help monitor and block inappropriate content.
  • Parents should keep themselves up-to-date with the online world.
  • Schools should start educating students on cybersecurity awareness.
  • Parents should also raise awareness to their children on cybersecurity risks on

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