Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is a major threat to those who are connected over the Internet. Malicious entities, often known as “cyber criminals” exploits information through the Internet for financial gains or to damage targeted assets. For the past few decades, millions of user information were lost or stolen. Some of the more common types of cyber crime include but are not limited to:


Cyber Stalking

DDOS Attacks

Identity Theft

Online Scams


Unwanted Programs


Social Engineering

How Can We Help?

LGMS is an industrial leader with a long-standing reputation in providing world-class professional services to clients from various industries, locally, regionally, and internationally. We specialize in various Information Security consulting services such as enterprise security assessment, penetration testing, digital forensic investigations, information security management systems implementation and certification, as well as security training.

Whether it is a pre-incident assessment or post-incident analysis, our certified professional in-house cyber security experts possess extensive experience in helping our clients to assess their cyber security posture, attain cyber security compliance, as well as respond and investigate cyber security incidents.

We are able to assist our clients by



Providing general cyber security consultation.


Incident Response

Conducting incident response and digital forensic investigations whenever there are intrusion cases.



Working alongside legal teams in computer crime investigations and testify as an expert witness for litigation cases involving digital evidence.

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