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mission & values

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge


As enterprises and consumers move greater amounts of sensitive information to the cloud, employers struggle to find information security leaders who have the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge to establish cloud security programs protecting sensitive information. The CCSK lets the marketplace know you are ready for the challenge with the first credential dedicated to cloud security, offered by the world’s thought leader in cloud security.


Since Cloud Security Alliance first released the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) in 2010, thousands of IT and security professionals have taken the opportunity to upgrade their skillsets and enhance their careers by obtaining the CCSK.

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Who should participate in this training?

mission & values

The CCSK is intended to provide understanding of security issues and best practices over a broad range of cloud computing domains. As cloud computing is becoming the dominant IT system, CCSK is applicable to a wide variety of IT and information security jobs in virtually every organization.


  • Auditor wanting to perform and lead CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) program audits
  • Project manager or consultant wanting to master the CSA STAR program requirements
  • Person responsible for the Information security in an organization
  • Member of the information security team
  • Expert advisor in information technology

Course Options

CCSK Foundation CCSK Plus
Training Duration 2 days 3 days
Price per pax RM5,599.00 RM7,099.00
Exam Token (2 attempts)
Hands-On Lab

Learning objectives

  • Validate competency and experience in cloud security
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in developing a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards
  • Gain access to tools, networking and idea exchange with peers
  • Protect against threats with qualified professionals who have the expertise to competently design, build, and maintain a secure cloud business environment
  • Ensure use of universal language, circumventing ambiguity with industry-accepted cloud security terms and practice


1. How much is the examination fee for a person (assuming the candidate will do self-study and will not attend training)
– They can do self-study before taking the exam. Exam Token is available for purchase at USD395.
– But they are advised to attend the training to have in-depth understanding on the course content through hands-on exercises.


2. What course options are available for students to enroll?
– There are two options for interested students to pick from; CCSK Foundation, and CCSK Plus. Both courses consist of a 2-day training workshop, while CCSK Plus has an additional day of hands-on training lab.


3. How much is the cost for both course options?
– RM 5,599 for CCSK Foundation
– RM 7,099 for CCSK Plus


4. How long is the training duration?
– For CCSK Foundation, 2 days total.
– For CCSK Plus, 3 days total, with hands-on lab session.


5. Is that right that the examination fee includes 2 exam attempts?
– Yes


For more information, please refer to the CSA FAQ.