Computerword: Experts reaffirm security musts for Sysadmins

News August 23, 2017

Experts reaffirm security musts for System Administrators

System Administrators – During an interview with Computerword, CF.Fong, Founder of LGMS said that:

“The hacking landscape has changed tremendously over the last 10 years,” Fong continued. “Hackers today are no longer focusing on high profile sites, but acting randomly using automated tools to scanning the Internet.”

To guard against becoming easy prey, he pointed system administrators and business owners to the following example. “The chances of being hacked are much slimmer for this organisations that are already applying pro-active security measures, such as regular security assessments, penetration testing and utilising technologies such as Web Application Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems.”

“If your organisation has Internet exposure and has not been conducting pro-active information system assessment and defence: start now,” Fong said.

Security hygiene reminders from CyberSecurity Malaysia

As a preventive measure, CyberSecurity Malaysia has released an alert to advise System Administrators to take necessary steps to secure their systems against unwanted incidents as well from other security threats. Checklist items include:

  • Organisations are recommended to apply defence in depth strategy to protect their networks. Make sure systems, applications and third party add-ons are updated with latest upgrades and security patches.
  • If you’re running on older versions of operating systems or software, ensure that they are upgraded to the latest versions – older versions may have some vulnerability that can be manipulated by intruders.
  • Please make sure that your web based applications and network based appliances are patched accordingly.
  • You may refer to your respective vendors’ websites for the latest patches, service packs and upgrades.
  • Organisations are recommended to regularly conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on their systems.

Article from ComputerworldMalaysia.


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