Computer Hacking

What is Computer Hacking?

Computer Hacking is an unauthorized action performed by a malicious individual to infiltrate the computer objectively to steal or manipulate classified information. In other words, computer hacking refers to unauthorized access to a computer or network, and gaining unauthorized access is all about exploiting vulnerabilities regardless of whether the vulnerability is from a computer, user, or policy. Besides that, the difficulties and technical knowledge needed to hack varies according to different scenarios. Hacking can be categories as White Hat Hacker and Black Hat Hacker.

White Hat Hacker

White Hat hackers are usually Computer Security Experts or Ethical computer hackers who specialises in Ethical hacking. White hat hackers are given consent and full permission to try and compromise a system to find its security vulnerabilities, which is also defined as penetration testing.

White Hat Hacker

White Hat hackers are usually computer security experts or ethical computer hackers who specialises in ethical hacking. White hat hackers are given consent and full permission to compromise a system to find its security vulnerabilities, which is also defined as penetration testing.

Black Hat Hacker

The black hat hackers are notorious criminals that compromises a computer or network to steal valueable information and sell it to the highest offer. Other than that, they might perform a terrorist act by targeting government official website or shutting down the various system that may have a huge impact on people's lives and the country's economy.

Common criteria

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (referred to as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for evaluating security properties of IT products. IT products that are Common Criteria certified are recognized by all the signatories of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) (more than 30 countries).

How to prevent computer hacking

There are ways to prevent computer hacking from invading your privacy and stealing your information which includes, but is not limited to:

Suspicious Email

Attackers may also use emails to phish users by using similar email ID as the original. E.g. [email protected] vs [email protected]$


Always check website URLs or emails you have received. Be sure to check if it’s HTTP or HTTPS.

Phishing Websites

Most of the scammers uses tricks such as imposing as the official website by using a similar webpage design to trick users to enter their credentials.


Prepare a mobile hard disk or cloud storage to back up your important files to avoid malware or human factor that may cause the loss or corruption of your data. Backing up data is also a good way to increase performance and security as it lessens the load and malware can’t steal data when it is not connected to the internet.


Many companies often suggest users to create a strong password with different combination of special characters, alphabets and numbers. E.g [email protected]! / [email protected][email protected] Strong passwords such as these may take around 5 to 10 years to crack while easy password can be cracked within a day.

OS & Software

Keeping your OS and software up-to-date is mandatory to protect your devices. Updates patches up the security vulnerabilities of the software to prevent attackers from exploiting existing known vulnerabilities and steal your data.

Virtual Private Network

VPN can protect users’ data while browsing the internet as it provides more authentication factors such as biometrics, passwords or security token to secure the connection.

Why Cyber Security Testing Services?

Cyber security is important to secure and protect information being used, transmitted and stored within a business organization. Lack of proper cyber security measures open up loopholes to cyber-attacks and can cause great financial losses and reputational damage.

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