Compromise assessment is not deploying another brand of EDR scanner

*EDR = Endpoint Detection & Response

What is compromise assessment?

To find out if any Hackers are hiding inside your infrastructure.

Why Vulnerability Assessment is not Compromise Assessment?

VA checks on specific areas; CA hunts for any signs or evidence of compromises in your entire infrastructure.

What are the skills needed to do Compromise Assessment?

Professional assessors who have extensive experience in Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Malware Analysis.

Compromise Assessment is not about deploying EDR Tools.

Compromise Assessment is not just about deploying another brand of EDR Scanner. This is the biggest myth about Compromise Assessment: Deploying EDR Solution.

How do I select Compromise Assessment vendor?

By engaging neutral experts who do not sell any security products and solutions.

How often do we do Compromise Assessment?

You are recommended to do Compromise Assessment at least once a year.


Who trust LGMS for professional cybersecurity services?

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is promoting LGMS Advanced Penetration Testing and Security Assessment worldwide.

International Data Corporation (IDC)

IDC regards LGMS as one of the leading IoT pen test vendors in Asia Pacific, amongst others like Symantec, IBM, Huawei, and etc.

TÜV Trust IT

TÜV Austria Cybersecurity Lab is established in Malaysia, as a joint venture between TÜV Austria and LGMS. The lab is to provide cybersecurity testing and certifications to organizations worldwide.

LGMS Reports are accredited by TÜV Austria, to be accepted as part of the certification compliance baselines for various TÜV TRUST IT certification programs.

Is Your IT Infrastructure Secured?

Bank Negara Malaysia now encourages financial institutions to conduct a Compromise Assessment (CA) through a qualified professional service provider.

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