LGMS Company Car Collection Day 2019 | #LGMStory

News January 1, 2021
Car collection day 2019

Congratulations! It’s company car collection day! After all the hard work and dedication 12 members of the LGMS family had shown, they were all rewarded with their own company cars for their work!

Hope every team member brings home a new ride, and have a thoughtful journey while driving together with LGMS to grow the company.

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About LGMS:
Established in 2005, LGMS has since built a reputation for its integrity, values, and best practices.LGMS delivers professional services to local, regional, and international clients of different industries.
We are proud to remain uniquely neutral as a professional cyber security services provider. At LGMS, we do not believe in selling different auxiliary security solutions, software, or hardware that could potentially compromise our clients’ interests.