CIA Secretly Spied on Countries by Selling Rigged Devices


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An expose by the Washington Post revealed that over 120 countries, including Malaysia, purchased rigged encryption machines from a company that was secretly owned and controlled by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

  • Numerous countries had bought rigged encryption devices from Crypto AG.
  • Crypto AG is from Switzerland, the country was well-known for its neutral status for another country to believe in their organization.
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has the decryption key on the rigged encryption devices purchase from Crypto AG, it is not clear if there is any other function available for the US intelligence.
  • Communication between government officials or any relating diplomacy devices were rigged.
  • Information data could be a threat as a weapon in which secret was being exposed to third parties, information is one of the biggest cyberwarfare weapons in this century.
  • The best practice to avoid such consequences is for a country itself to implement its own R&D safety, such as China and India.


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