BFM Radio Interview: Good Connections are Hard to Find

BFM Radio Interview

BFM Radio Interview with LGMS

Check out BFM Radio Interview with LGMS now in the audio below !  A global survey has shown that Malaysia’s 4G mobile internet service is among the slowest of 88 countries surveyed. An IT professional explains why it is we’re lagging behind.


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Summary of BFM

Malaysia’s 4G mobile internet service is among the slowest of 88 countries involved in a survey. The average speed of Malaysia’s 4G internet service was 14.83Mbps and had been available for 5 years. Still, it is an improvement when comparing to the internet speed from the previous year.

We also lagged behind the neighboring countries such as Vietnam which has an average internet speed of 21.49Mbps, Brunei with 17.48Mbps and Myanmar with 15.56Mbps. South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan are among the countries that have one of the highest mobile broadband speed. Geographically, Malaysia is larger than Singapore which has twice the internet speed of Malaysia in term of land size.

Therefore, more cell towers with broader reach need to be set up in order to provide better coverage for the entire country. In short, strong signal coverage will be necessary for higher internet speed. The second factor affecting the average internet speed depends on the number of concurrent users that shares the bandwidth.

Although larger cities have more cell towers, but the population of concurrent users are also larger. Thus, the speed may not be ideal. It is almost impossible to obtain the ideal internet speed of 100Mbps as promised. The speed may increase from 14Mbps to 100Mbps, theoretically but can hardly be achieved practically or in reality as it rely upon factors like land size, number of cell towers, signal strength and the quality of the carrier or even the quality of the cables.

Besides, the current internet speed will be sufficient to satisfy everyday activities like sending and receiving mails, watching videos and even playing less intensive online games. Yet, this internet speed will be insufficient for activities that require huge amount of uploading speed such as live broadcasting.


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