September 6, 2022
Are you Hacked? We got your back! | LGMS Cyber Security Incident Response

Every Second Counts When Responding to a Data Breach

Data Breaches cost direct and indirect financial consequences to organizations in both the short and long term. 

Organizations that are able to respond effectively to a data breach with a well-rehearsed incident response plan can limit the impact of the breach.

Hence, what is done after a cyber incident will make a difference in the impact and cost.

Swift and Thorough Incident Response

LGMS cyber incident response team aims to help organization resolve cyber incidents with industry-leading expertise by combining investigative services and remediation advisory. 

Our goal is to assist organizations to manage the cyber incident in such a way to limit damage, address the cause of the cyber incident, and provide necessary advisory to reduce the impact of the data breach. 

Our Methodology

LGMS incorporates standard incident response workflow to ensure a systematic approach to incident handling. 

Indicators of compromise (IoC) identified during the investigative phase will shared with out clients so that action can be taken to discover and eliminate the vulnerabilities in the organizations’s network


LGMS Berhad made its debut on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on 8 June 2022. LGMS is also the first listed cyber security services company in Malaysia. 

LGMS Berhad upholds uniqueness in providing independent professional services with an impartial approach. We concentrate our efforts and resources on building strong cyber security fundamentals and core proficiencies. As much as we are passionate about providing objective and unbiased cyber security consulting services, our drive comes from assuring precedent to client’s interest. 

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About LGMS

Established in 2005, LGMS has since built a reputation for its integrity, values, and best practices. As the leading cybersecurity consulting company in Asia, LGMS is trusted by multinational corporations around the world in delivering world-class specialized cybersecurity assessments, consultations, and advisory services.