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mission & values

Asia Cybersecurity Exchange (AsiaCyberX) is the brainchild of leading cybersecurity company LE Global Services Sdn Bhd (LGMS) to advocate and support cybersecurity entrepreneurship, while also nurturing skilled cybersecurity professionals to meet the growing demand in this space. It also serves as a key catalyst for the cybersecurity ecosystem, both locally and regionally.

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Elevate Malaysia as a hub for cybersecurity talent and entrepreneurship.


To identify undiscovered cybersecurity talents and entrepreneurs with huge growth potential. With our training and mentorship programmes, we aim to elevate Malaysia’s cybersecurity ecosystem to a whole new level by strengthening the capabilities of local talent and entrepreneurs.


By increasing the diversity of the cybersecurity workforce, we believe we will be able to create a broader pool of cybersecurity talent and to muster the right talent to develop rich responses to the increasing threat of cybersecurity attacks.

AsiaCyberX is solely owned by ACE Accelerator Network Sdn Bhd and was formed out of a partnership between LGMS and the ACE Group, which is involved in financial services, investments and capital management.


For more information: https://asiacyberx.com